Wendy Buiter
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Wendy Buiter

Using bold lines and striking colors, Wendy Buiter’s artwork has a unique and mesmerizing quality.

With roots in the fashion and beauty industries, Wendy gathers inspiration from everything she sees around her.

She gravitates towards haute couture and cosmetics to create stunning images that evoke confidence, beauty, and elegance.

Wendy’s artworks are an extension of herself, translating her creative energy onto the canvas, brought to life by the female characters she paints.



Wendy, I received it and your artwork is even more beautiful in person. Thank you very much! I love your art and I’m such a fan of yours already…

Nicole Pozza, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hi Wendy, I have recieved my painting on Friday and it’s gorgeous. The colours are and everything is beautiful. Thank you so much, Danijela xxx

Danijela Ruckel, Melbourne, Australia

Hi Wendy! So she arrived safe and she’s absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much!

And, honestly, I really can’t believe how incredible your work is – truly beautiful (especially, seeing an original first hand now). Thanks so much again.

Joseph Canciglia, Hillsdale, United States

Wendy – They are perfect for the home and will be displayed prominently! I love the gold Deco jewels- perfect! And the lashes and color of her eyes!

So excited!

Pamela Taylor, New York, United States
Wendy Buiter
Golden Maze Wendy Buiter

Original or Print

Wendy’s art is available as Original or Hand Embellished Limited Edition Print (only 25 of each) touched with some paint.

Applicable to original artworks: 

– This is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece!
– Signed by the artist
– Watercolor and acrylic paint, pen, markers and crayon
– Created heavy quality, professional artist paper
– Unique one-of-a-kind piece
– Colors may vary due to screen options and shadows
– Delivery or pick-up direct from the studio
– Incl. an Artist Certificate of Authenticity
– Comes with a personal note from the artist

Applicable to Hand Embellished Limited Edition Prints:

– Made upon request especcially for you!
– This is a Limited Edition Print of the original artwork
– Only 25 worldwide available!
– Touched with some paint
– Numbered and signed by the artist
– Colors may vary due to screen options and shadows
– Delivery in approximately 3 weeks
– Incl. an Artist Certificate of Authenticity
– Comes with a personal note from the artist

Limited Edition Prints are made upon request. Delivery after payment is in approximately 3 weeks! 

In a hurry? Select an original!

“Colour is a crucial factor for my art collectors to fall in love with my pieces.”

“Painting for me means freedom. Freedom to do and to create whatever comes to my mind. To be free in making choices, following my intuition and letting my hands create something new, a unique piece of art that’s nothing like you’ve ever seen….”

Wendy Buiter

Limited Edition Art Prints

Limited Edition Prints are made-on-demand and will recieve a ‘personal touch‘ by the artist adding paint on top of it. Each Limited Edition Print is therefore unique.


Visit Wendy to see her artworks

What’s better than see all Wendy’s artworks in real life and to get to meet the artist who makes them?! Visit Wendy’s place to see her art up close and to select your favourite prints and originals for your art collection.

You can sign up for Wendy’s Open Atelier, or –when you would like to acquire an original artwork- make an appointment for a private art consult with Wendy here.

Reserve your visit

“From Face to Canvas” article in Les Nouvelles Esthetiques USA

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From Face to Canvas Journey from makeup artist to contemporary print artist with Wendy Buiter Article in Les Nouvelles Esthetiques USA https://www.lneonline.com/from-face-to-canvas/

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